Friday, July 24 2015
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A proposed national park in Peru sits on the apparent cusp of approval, even as it suffers deforestation at the hands of illegal loggers, miners and coca growers. Encompassing a far-flung swath of Amazonian rainforest that’s home to a variety of strange and rare animals and plants, the Sierra del Divisor Reserved Zone also houses a unique volcanic mountain range, from which the protected area borrows its name. And indigenous groups, some of which have little or no contact with the outside world, also call the greater area home.




Peru's GDP may have grown by 3.5% in 2nd quarter, says Inteligo SAB


Extreme poverty rate down to 24% among non-social assistance recipients



The official announcement was made on July 15 by Alberto Maurer, head of Peru’s National Institute for Agricultural Innovation (INIA), together with Barbara Wells, director general of the International Potato Center (CIP), along with other representatives of other national and international institutions during a celebration of Agricultural Research Day.



In the Peruvian Amazon, Shipibo elders paint rich and colorful images through the magic of oral storytelling. Their captivating tales and traditional legends were passed down from their grandparents to their parents, and now they have the responsibility of maintaining these important elements of Shipibo culture.



The Peruvian government has condemned the terrorist acts conducted by the self-proclaimed Islamist State in Diyala (Iraq), which caused the death of 120 people, and left thousands injured on July 17.


Peru names new Ambassador to Algeria


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Our kitchen talk features Executive Chef Mark Timms of the 415-guestroom Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown hotel, where he shines at its popular restaurant Juniper, which offers modern American cuisine in both an indoor dining room and an outdoor courtyard setting.


Peruvian pisco (no sour necessary)



Machu Picchu it’s a majestic juxtaposition of nature and human endeavour that exceeds expectations, especially when I descend into this 15th-century city and explore its myriad spaces and structures.


Into the Amazon



The explorer had first reached the ancient Incan city on July 24, 1911



Another gold in the Peruvian chest of medals for this year’s edition of the Pan American Games in Toronto; Peruvian wakeboarder Natalia Cuglievan won a gold medal in the women’s tricks category.


Ines Melchor finishes 5th in 10K


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Formed in the 1980’s, the energy has not faded for this Southern California band, as you will be able to see in their hardcore show in Lima in August.


Peru, Brazil Launch Campaign to End Child Labor in Amazonia