Eduardo Ferrero was appointed Ambassador of Peru to the United States in March 2004 and finished his term of duties in July of 2006. Prior to this position, Mr. Ferrero, a well-known lawyer and a Senior Professor of International Law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Peru, also served as an Ambassador and Permanent Representative of his country to the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington D.C., since October 2001. He possesses a large professional, academic and diplomatic experience including the top position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, during October 1998-July 1997.

Ambassador Ferrero, who is PhD and Magna Cum Laude in Law from the Universidad Catolica, also made graduate studies in International Law at the University of Wisconsin and Research on Law of the Sea at the University of California in San Diego. He is also a Founding Member and former Executive President of the Peruvian Center for International Studies (CEPEI), a highly reputed think-tank.

Other relevant experience include: Professor of Law of the Sea at the University of California, Berkeley (1985); Vice President and Member of the United Nations Committee against Racial Discrimination – CERD (2000-1988), Member of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce of Paris (2002-2000), Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration of The Hague (1997 until now); Advisor to the Andean Community (2000-1999), Advisor of Peruvian Delegation for Border Negotiations with Ecuador (1997-1996); President of the Peruvian Commission for the Pacific Basin and Member of the Board of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council- PECC (1995-1992).

Ambassador Ferrero is author and/or editor of 19 books and more than 50 academic articles published in Peru and abroad on issues related to International Law, International Relations, Law of the Sea and Peruvian Foreign Policy. He has received decorations in the highest level from the Governments of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru.

He is married to Veronica Ferrero and has four sons.