Lima, Peru, Married with María Verónica Sommer Mayer, three children: Desirée (1978), Harold (1981), George (1982)

Primary and High School Studies:

Champagnat School Lima – Peru

University Studies:     

Journalism Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

International Relations-Diplomacy Diplomatic Academy of Peru

Academic Titles:

Journalist Diplomat Licensed in International Relations

Posts Undertaken:

Member of The Diplomatic Service of Peru

Third Secretary of the Embassy of Peru in Chile (1977–1978)

Second Secretary and Charge d’ Affairs a.i. of Peru to the People’s Republic of Bulgaria (1978 – 1979)

Second Secretary of Peru of the Embassy of Peru in Venezuela (1980-1982)

Chief of Cabinet of the Permanent Secretary of the Latin-American Economic System of (SELA) (1982 – 1984)

First Secretary, Chief of Evaluation and Control of the Diplomatic Academy of Peru (1984 – 1985)

Under Director of Latin-American Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru (1986)

Counsellor of the Embassy of Peru in Canada (1987-1989)

Minister- Counsellor of the Embassy of Peru in the Federal Republic of Germany (1990–1992)

Founding member of The Democratic Forum and of the Civil Association of Electoral Verification “Transparency”

International Observer of the elections of Colombia (May 1994), Mexico (August 1994), Guatemala (November 1995), Nicaragua (October 1996), Colombia (1998)

Elected Congressman of the Republic of Peru for the period 1995 – 2000

Member of the Committee of Defense, Internal Control and Intelligence of the Congress of the Republic (1995–2000)

Member of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the Congress of the Republic (1995-2000)

Consultant of the General Secretariat of the Andean Community of Nations (2000-2001)

Ambassador in the Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Peru

Ambassador of Peru to Colombia (2001-2004)

Ambassador of Peru to Italy (2004-2006)

Concurrent Ambassador of Peru to San Marino and Turkey (2005-2006)

Permanent Representative of Peru to The International Organizations with headquarters in Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) World Food Program(WFP)(2004-2006)

Vice Minister Secretary General of Foreign Affairs of Peru (2006)

Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru (2006-2009)

Ambassador of Peru to the People’s Republic of China (2009-2011)


Association of the Diplomatic Service of Peru

Founders of the Independence Society, Victors the 2nd of May of 1866 and Qualified Defenders of the Motherland.

Bolivarian Society of Colombia

Sanmartinian Institute of Peru

Club “Regatas” Lima

Alianza Lima Club

Phoenix Club


Author of the book “Conversation with Javier Pérez de Cuéllar” (2001)

Director of the Radio Program “Convocatoria”, CPN Radio (1996) and 1160FM (2000)

Director of the TV Show “Electoral Pulse” Red Global TV (2001)

Director of the TV Show “Vox Pópuli” RBC TV (2008-2009)

Commentator in the weekly “Caretas”

Director of Le Monde diplomatique (peruvian edition) (2007-2009)


Order “ Francisco de Miranda”, Third Class (Venezuela -1973) 

Order “Río Branco”, Knight (Brazil – 1975)

Merit Order with Star, Knight Commander (Federal Republic of Germany – 1993)

Merit Order of Bernardo O’Higgins, Grand Cross (Chile -2001)

Order “Francisco de Miranda”, First Class. (Venezuela -2003)

Peruvian Cross for Naval Merit – Peru (2003)

Order of the Congress of Colombia (2004) Senate of the Republic of Colombia

Order of the Democracy “Simón Bolívar”, Grand Cross (2004) Chamber of Representatives of Colombia

Order of San Carlos, Grand Cross (2004) – Colombia

Order “Estrella de la Solidaridad Italiana”, First Class (2006)

Merit Order for Distinguished Service, Grand Cross (2006) Peru

Order José Gregorio Paz Soldán, Grand Cross (2006) Peru