The Commercial Office of the Embassy of Peru in Washington, D.C., is responsible for the promotion of Peruvian products and services to US markets.

It also monitors US economic and trade policies that may have an impact on the Peruvian economy, trade flows and investment climate.


Peru has four commercial offices in the United States, and they are located in Washington, D.C., Miami, New York and Los Angeles. All four offices promote trade by identifying new opportunities for Peruvian exporters, facilitating contacts among key entrepreneurs, building more fruitful relations between Peruvian and American business organizations.

Another important duty of the Commercial Office of Peru is to ensure that Peruvian exports enter into the US in compliance with local regulations. In this regard, it works very closely with the Embassy’s Agricultural Attaché, supporting their efforts to enable the access of new Peruvian agricultural and livestock products. These activities involve a constant communication with US authorities in phyto and zoosanitary matters.

Likewise, it keeps track of anti-dumping measures or other trade restrictions that may obstruct the normal flow of business between the two countries, or that may affect the economic, trade or financial interests of Peru.

The Commercial Offices of Peru in the US provide assistance and information to Peruvian businesses and Chambers of Commerce on trade matters and establish contacts with relevant US Government officials or trade organizations in the US so that Peruvian entrepreneurs can achieve their business objectives. It also promotes the positive current investment climate in Peru and encourages US investors to do business with Peruvian partners.