Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM)

Mr. Agustín de Madalengoitia
Deputy Chief of Mission (from October 17, 2016)
Telephone: (202) 261-0261
Telephone: (202) 833-9860 Extension 204

Ms. Adriana Ruiz
Telephone: (202) 261-0270
Telephone: (202) 833-9860 Extension 207

Among the responsibilities of the DCM are:

  • Coordination of the Embassy’s functions under the Ambassador’s guidance.
  • Supervision of the political, economic and cultural information generated by the Embassy.
  • Contact with U.S. Governmental authorities, U.S. Congress, Non-Governmental Organizations, academia, and other institutions.
  • In charge of the Embassy during the Ambassador’s absence and represents the Ambassador by delegation.
  • Administration of the Embassy’s budget.