Accomarca Massacre — Prosecutor Calls for 25 yrs | News from Peru - Peruvian Times

Criminal Prosecutor Luis Landa is to ask for a 25 year sentence next week for 29 army staff, including subalterns and eight commanding officers, for the murder of 69 villagers in Accomarca, Ayacucho.

The murder took place 30 years ago — in 1985 — at the height of the internal conflict with the Shining Path, when several patrols covered the Accomarca area and surrounding valleys in search of Shining Path rebels.

Landa’s presentation was to be made this past week but the Criminal Court postponed the session until July 15 because six of the accused did not appear in court to hear the charges.  It is just one of the many stops and starts since the trial began in November 2010.

The townspeople of the Accomarca area have never given up, determined to seek justice for a crime that has affected them all deeply.  Their experience has even been played out through choreography, a dance troupe going through the motions of chaos and murder.