ADEX figures show rise in South Korea demand for Peruvian goods

During the first five months of the year the South Korean demand for non-traditional products totaled US$59.7 million, up 30.1% over the same period of 2014, the Association of Exporters (ADEX) informed.


According to the Department of Economic Studies, shipments of the non-traditional sector to South Korea have seen a good performance so far this year.


There was an increase in agribusiness (158%), metal-mechanical (146.9%), textile (83%), chemical (41%), wood (9%), fishing (5.8%) and clothing (4%) sectors.


As for fisheries, the business association highlighted the higher exports of canned and prepared squid and cuttlefish (4%) and fish fillets (151%).


In terms of agriculture, the rise in demand was taken by fresh mangoes (327%), fresh grapes (128%), fresh bananas (67%), maca flour (1,736%) and carmine (18%), among others.


In the past five years, of fisheries and agro-industry shipments are gaining greater prominence in the Korean market. Based on the results, this country has emerged as a potential exporting market for Peruvian goods.


Products with the most promising exporting potential include coffee beans, fresh grapes, mangoes, bananas, asparagus, maca flour, chestnut, carmine, squid, shrimps, flour, fish fillets and oil, profiled wood, fine wool fabrics, among others.