Amotape Nat'l Park spots first sighting of white breasted duck - Peru this Week


What was a white breasted duck doing in the Tumbes region of Peru? Rangers of the Amotape Hills National Park aren’t quite sure just yet.

Rangers of the Amotape Hills National Park recorded the first ever sighting of the white breasted duck in May, reports Andina news agency.

The bird was sighted by the Teniente Astete route in the park, located between Tumbes and Piura regions of northern Peru. It has before been recorded in Peru but only in the Huallaga river and the Marañón river valley.

The rangers caught photos of two of the birds and have since been conducting studies. These ducks are often recorded in Panama and much of South America, east of the Andes, in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay. They are also found outside of South America in Africa, among other locations.

Despite the rare sighting, it isn’t too hard to imagine that Peru’s natural habitats are home to an unimaginable number of species, especially birds. Peru is home to more than 1,800 species of birds and as on numerous occasions been named champion of Bird Day.