Bull gores several people at annual Andamarca festival in Peru - video

It seems people in Peru didn't heed the warning from Spain last week.

Just days after a Spanish bullfighter was gored in the testicles in front of thousands of spectators in Madrid, Peruvians participated in the traditional bull run at the Feast of the Holy Spirit of Andamarca festival.

The ritual allows Peruvians to test their bravery and courage

A man in a bright green t shirt however appeared to slip in front of the charging bull, who picked the individual up with his horns, tossing him in the air several times before dropping him to the ground. Remarkably, the man hobbled away seemingly unharmed.

However, six people were gored at the event. One was gored in the leg, while another man had to be dragged away from the bull by his sister, the individual appearing to want to stay on and "play" some more.

Many who challenge the bull are intoxicated; a stiff drink being necessary for anyone braving a battle with a bull.

While several individuals were gored, none of the casualties were as shocking as the injury that befell Marco Galan in Spain. He was left with a “bull horn wound in the scrotum which caused bruising and evisceration of the left testicle”, El Mundo reported last week.