Chile highlights Peru efforts to join OECD

Chile highlighted the Peruvian government-achieved level of commitment to undertake efforts aimed at becoming an Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Member State, Chile's Permanent Representative to the said organization Claudia Serrano affirmed.


After participating in the OECD Territorial Review Mission meeting, Serrano highlighted the presence of Peruvian-organization representatives.


"Sometimes, topics are addressed in a fragmented manner; one by one, but here I felt the country's conviction and a commitment from all attending authorities to participate in this initiative that allows Peru to get closer to the good practices the OECD promotes," she told Andina news agency.


As well, the representative said Peru decided to join this group composed of developed countries. Thus, she underlined the need to learn and understand their institutional, social and financial processes "taking the OECD methodology into account."


"These [OECD's] analysis tools are interesting and successful. [...] these provide useful recommendations to enhance the public policy administration," she told.


OECD members and Peruvian State representatives attended the ceremony held at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers headquarters.


OECD Territorial Review


Yesterday, Peru's National Center for Strategic Planning (Ceplan) and the Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) officially launched the "OECD Territorial Review," a study aimed at determining the Peru territorial development.