Craft brews hold their spot on Limeños’ taste buds - Peru this Week

If you haven’t noticed the endless string of artisanal beer festivals, clandestine beer tastings, and steady stream of newly launched craft beer brands in Lima, you might really be living under a rock. The world of microbrews is one of the most dynamic niches of the Peruvian gastronomy boom. Betting on the continuing popularity of these beers made with love is a sure thing whether you choose to knock one back in a traditional bodega or in one of the trendiest new bars in Miraflores.

The craft beer scene is large, varied, and strong in countries such as the USA, England, and Australia, but the trend is still relatively new to Lima and Peru. While the majority of Peruvians continue to enjoy light lagers such as the brands Pilsen, Cristal, and Cusqueña, more and more are starting to appreciate the darker, sultrier, and heavier flavors that new generation beers are offering.

One bar that has been serving drinkers since 1938 and recently reopened after some renovations is Superba on the edge of San Isidro and Lince districts. This place is the definition of a hole-in-the-wall and its style is akin to the best cozy drinking holes from the turn of the century, lined with dark wooden details, classic tunes on play, and kind and no-fuss staff.

The simple yet hearty menu at Superba is what cements its reputation for both grandparents and modern hipsters—particularly the beer collection. The typical Peruvian beers are offered, but what stand out are the local microbrews. From Magdalena to Sierra Andina, and Cumbre to Maddock, most of Lima’s best craft beers are available. And yes, food can also be ordered in order to complement a long night of beer tasting (we recommend the apanado sandwich or raviolis)!