Deutsche Bank: Peru, least vulnerable country to volatility in the region

Peruvian economy is the least vulnerable in the region and belongs to the group of emerging countries, which are least susceptible to volatilities in the international financial context, according to a report issued by the global banking and financial services company Deutsche Bank.


The investment bank pointed out Peru’s level of vulnerability is below that of Latin American countries Venezuela (1st), Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Chile.


The report is based on indicators of international reserve coverage, such as: GDP growth, inflation, credit growth, private sector debt, real interest rate, current account, currency devaluation, public debt and fiscal balance.


This study takes into account the situation of 26 emerging economies in different regions.


Despite the fact that general level of vulnerability in the emerging markets is relatively moderate, there are negative aspects in many economies, such as the low economic growth, taking into account 4 of the analyzed countries are currently in recession.