Education Min proposes unprecedented social effort to improve education

Nowadays strengthening the quality of basic and higher education in the country requires unprecedented social efforts, otherwise the challenge can not be met, Education Minister Jaime Saavedra said at the seventh edition of the Annual Executives Conference (CADE) on Education, in the presence of 650 participants.


Changes in education are possible, but increased sustained investment is required to that end. That is why the education sector will experience a historic growth of S/.4.2 billion (about US$1.3 billion) this year.


Within this context, he said it is imperative that future governments continue those budgetary improvements, so that the budget can rise to 5.5% of GDP in 2021.


According to Saavedra, increased resources have allowed the Ministry to raise salaries of teachers on the basis of progress assessments and meritocratic competitions, and taking into account the need of first-class professionals.


Such recourses have also been used to make important investments in public schools and implement programs that enhance principals, teachers and students’ capacities, achieving major results in school management and learning