El Niño: Ministry of Culture to protect 63 coastal archaeological sites

Scientists are sending out warnings in order to allow countries to take the necessary precautions in light of a more aggressive El Niñoseason.

The Peruvian Government has allocated funds to the agriculture industry and declared 13 regions in a state of emergency. Now it is recognizing the threats faced by archaeological sites.

The Ministry of Culture is allocating S/. 22,570,709 for the protection of 63 archaeological sites in the northern Peru coast, according toEl Comercio.

The archaeological sites facing the most threats from environmental factors include Sechin, those in Ancash, Chan Chan, La Libertad; Chotuna, Sipan and Tucume in Lambayeque; Narihuala in Piura and Cabeza de Vaca in Tumbes.

The preventative measures include using covers and drains and using hydraulic engineering in the hillsides to determine the behavior of runoff flowing down the ravines. Drones are employed to facilitate the documentation and analysis of water flow.

The work assigned by the Ministry of Culture to protect the archaeological sites has helped employ nearly 3,000 workers including archaeologists, architects, engineers and others.