Energy and Mines Min: Peru counts on “enough” energy reserve for exporting purposes

Peru counts on an energy reserve, which allows exporting “value-added energy” unlike previous years when the system did not even meet the domestic demand, Energy and Mines Minster Rosa Maria Ortiz affirmed.


When the current administration came into office, it was hardly able to meet the demand. Thus, if any component did not work properly, supply shortages would emerge, the head of the portfolio reminded.


"However, during this year activities at Mantaro-based hydroelectric power plant stopped for 15 days, but nobody felt it because our reserve is vast enough," she told.


"We produce 8,700 MW and consume 6,000 MW, which allows us to interconnect the rest of region and export our energy, [that is translated into] added value for the benefit of the country and the entire region," Ortiz expressed.


The head of the Energy and Mines Ministry made statements during the opening of the Machupicchu-Abancay-Cotaruse transmission line and substations in Apurimac region.

Investment was worth US$107 million; resources were provided by the Public-Private Partnership established with Red de Energía del Perú S.A. The project execution took 15 months.