Extreme poverty rate down to 24% among non-social assistance recipients

Extreme poverty rates among those with non social assistance based income dropped from 32.8% to 24.1% in rural and poorest areas of the country in the past four years, so implementing programs such as Juntos and Pension 65 will help prevent them to fall back into that situation again, Minister of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) Paola Bustamante.


“Poverty has reduced significantly this year and Juntos and Pension 65 are looking to take direct action to support the extremely poor population so that they don’t fall into that condition anymore. We are about to reach the goal set at the national level,” she said.


Bustamante pointed out that about 500,000 families at the national level will remain extremely poor without the support of Midis’ social programs (Pension 65 and Juntos).


As for extreme monetary poverty figures, the minister said it has dropped from 6.3%, in the beginning of the government, to 4.3%, which means the 5% target set for 2016 is almost accomplished.


“Extreme poverty in rural areas has fallen from 20.5% when Humala took office, to 14.6%,2 she emphasized.


Child Chronic Malnutrition and Anemia


When speaking of the progress in reducing child malnutrition during the current government, Midis’ head stressed that such decline is more notable within the scope of Juntos program, given that conditional transfers of state subsidy ensure neonatal and well-child care of beneficiaries’ minors in order to guarantee good health and growth.