Fin. Minister: Peru built fortresses and policies to face region’s complex circumstances

Peru has built fortresses and crafted public policies required to face the complex circumstances surrounding the "low economic growth" Latin America faces, but despite this situation Peruvian economy continues expanding, Finance Minister Alonso Segura affirmed.

Different organizations had foreseen the region would expand by 0.6%, whereas the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimated a growth of 0.5%. Thus, "the situation we face is undeniable,” the Head of the Ministry told.

To solve the problems, every sector's participation is encouraged and "not only that of the public sector," he said during the "Promoting growth through effective policy" conference opening. It is comprised in the "Road to Lima" scheme.


Regarding infrastructure, Minister Segura explained efforts are being undertaken, in order to promote investments by not only awarding the projects to be developed, "but by also regulating the existing legal framework."

Likewise, during the latest Pacific Alliance meeting, its member countries (Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru) agreed to jointly promote investment with the aim of boosting economic growth in the region.

"As I said before, what we need is to reach a larger scale, in order to attract big investors," he added.

Human capital

The Head of the Ministry affirmed the education sector has been allocated resources required to boost human capital.

"The big challenges the region faces comprise raising potential growth and reducing poverty […] we take concrete actions thanks to wise decisions […] because it is clear for us, where we are leading to, and we believe these policies will become State policies,” he stated.