First backpacking trip? Here are 7 tips for packing - Peru this Week


If you are willing to fulfill your dream and travel on a minimal budget, alone with your backpack, it’s time to figure out just what to take with you. So, let us help you with some tips for your first backpacking adventure.

1. Discard superfluous and unnecessary things: What usually works for a week will serve you for a month.

2. If your bag is overweight, it will become your worst nightmare on your trip. Don’t exceed the weight limit, you want to be comfortable (or at least enough not to ruin your trip).

3. If you have a personal hobby such as photography, playing guitar, doing crafts, reading books, or other things, think about whether you will take any of these things with you or not, because the more weight the more unbearable your trip will be. Remember to ask yourself if you really need to carry extra items while traveling.

4. Always research the climate of your destination. This will prevent you from taking things “just in case”, such as T-shirts, shorts, but combined with sweaters and windbreakers.

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5. If you travel in a group, review what things you will each take, so you can spread the loadevenly with each other.

6. Avoid taking liquids with you and discard delicate items. Liquids can add extra weight. It’s best to bring along a water bottle and pills to purify tap water.

7. Organize and compress your clothing as best you can. If you can, roll up your clothing.