Lima handed over Pan Am Games post

Toronto Mayor Robert Ford and the Chairman of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), Uruguayan Julio Cesar Maglione handed over a PASO flag to Lima’s Mayor Luis Castañeda Lossio on Sunday night. 

The act marked the official ‘Games organization’ post transfer to the City of Kings, the next city to host the Pan American Games edition; also known as Lima 2019.

The environment, filled with Peruvian scissor-dancers, Peruvian cajon (wooden percussion instrument) players and Inti Raymi characters turned the celebration into a more colorful one held during the closing ceremony of the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

Now, the nation's capital will ‘have to’ get ready to host the mega sports event’s next edition.

The sports gathering was held at the Toronto City-based Rogers Centre. Likewise, the Peruvian national flag was raised by members of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police.