Lindsay Lohan: "I did ayahuasca, it changed my life."

(Peru this Week) Actress Lindsay Lohan owes a life changing experience to the sacred Amazonian plant, ayahuasca.

Just 50 years ago, hardly anyone outside of the the natives of the Amazon knew about or had heard of ayahuasca. However, since the popularization of hallucinogenic plants boomed in the 60s, television, and cult books such as “One River” by Wade Davis have made their way into the Western world, it’s become a well-known name.

So much so, that Hollywood’s actors are swearing by it.

“I did ayahuasca, it changed my life,” Lindsay Lohan told the Sunday Times Style magazine, reports Mirror news agency.

Since finishing her probation and community service obligations, the actress has opened up about her legal battles and the new life she is leading.

To relieve stress throughout the long legal process one of her methods was taking ayahuasca. She told the Sunday Times Style magazine that it helped her let go of the “wreckage of my past.” In her experience with a shaman, she said her hallucination allowed her to see her own birth and death.

She told the magazine of additional therapies such as cryotherapy healing. This therapy involved standing in a liquid nitrogen dense room for up to 4 minutes, relieving stress.

“I did it almost every single day in New York,” she told the magazine.

Now she looks forward to living a more stress free life and enjoying time with her new Italian boyfriend, reports Mirror.