Machu Picchu to mark 8 years since election as new wonder of the world

The district of Machu Picchu will celebrate on Tuesday the 8th anniversary of the Incan citadel’s election as one of the official New 7 Wonders of the World, it was reported.


The Municipality, through the Municipal Ordinance No. 020-2015-MDM/CM decreed the placing of Tahuantinsuyo flags all over the area as a sign of civic and cultural pride, and designated 7 July as a non-working holiday.


Machu Picchu Mayor Delman David Gayoso Garcia said holiday celebrations will take place since 8:00 hrs. and will run until 18:00 hrs. local time as it is considered to be an important day for Machu Picchu and its people.


The Official New 7 Wonders of the World were announced in random order at the Official Declaration Ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal. 


According to New7Wonders' official website, more than 100 million votes were cast worldwide by that time and finally the Incan Empire’s most representative construction was crowned on 7 July 2007.


Workers will have to make up for the holiday the following week or when requested by the company.