Magali Silva: "The world knows where it actually produces pisco and quinoa"

Peru goes to great lengths to protect its native products. Quinoa,macapisco and the list goes on. It prides itself on being a diverse country, with thousands of micro-climates.

“The world knows where it actually produces pisco and quinoa” were the words spoken by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, upon realizing Chile’s booth at the Expo Milan 2015.

What would have led her to say that?

According to local media, Chile presented Peruvian pisco and quinoa products as Chilean in the Expo Milan 2015.

The individuals in charge of the said booth presented Chile, saying it is “a diverse country” and offered tastings of Peru’s “flagship drink” pisco, reports Perú21.

In the same Perú21 article, the reason for Peru’s absence at the fair to present its own products was the fault of a lack of resources. Peruvian Chef Gaston Acurio said the lack of resources and their absence was something that “had been the absolute responsibility of the Foreign Ministry.”

According to Silva, however, Peru does have a presence at the fair, but its lacking in social networking and resources.

“Yes it is present in Milan, but we must spread the images,” said the Minister.

She affirmed that we must not try to compete with Chile.

“First we must think we are countries of the Pacific Alliance…but do not compete but are complementary,” said Minister Silva according to Perú21.

This wouldn’t be the first time Peru has debated with Chile over the origin of pisco. In March, Peru argued that Chilean companies can’t use the name for their marks of the beverage.