Minedu offers 2,000 Second Chance scholarships to youth - Peru this Week

The Ministry of Education granted 2,000 scholarships to those who have not completed their 4th and 5th years of high school.


The Ministry of Education announced it will be granting 2,000 scholarships to youth between the ages of 17 and 25 who have not completed their high school education, according to their news portal.

Students between the age requirement who have not completed their 4th and or 5th year of high school, are being offered the chance to complete their basic training and receive technical training.

The scholarship, Doble Oportunidad (or Second Chance), was presented today by the Ministry of Education.

The students who receive the scholarships will study two years at a higher technological institute and develop secondary courses that they had lacked, according to the deputy minister of Institutional Management, Juan Pablo Silva Macher.

To qualify, interested students must first pass a decentralized evaluation in any of the three institutes selected by the National Program of Scholarships and Educational Credit (Pronabec). The institutes include the IFB Certus, Senati and Tecsup.

The scholarship program aims to promote social inclusion and sustainable social equity through offering employment and educational development opportunities.