Minedu to build 8 new high performance schools in 2016 - Peru this Week

The Ministry of Education is in the midst of approving plans to build 8 new schools in various regions of Peru.


For the past five years, Peru has been developing its COARprogram or, Schools of High Performance program where the teaching staff hold higher standards for their students.

The Peruvian Ministry of Education (Minedu) is currently embarking on a plan to build 8 new high performance schools known asCOAR, reports Andina news agency.

The regions receiving the schools were specially chosen as they complete established requirements put forth by the program.

“As of today, you could say that there are 8 regions in the race. And the investment made in the infrastructure of these high performing schools is about 85 million soles,” Marilu Martens, the national coordinator of the program told Andina.

Martens added that Madre de Dios is a possible candidate for a new high performance school next year.

The efforts made by the Ministry continue to be demonstrated, for example, their participation with “top” North American teachers currently visiting the program’s schools in Peru. Yesterday Minedu announced that 31 visiting teachers from the best private and public schools are visiting the COARschools.