Miss Peruvian Rain Forest 2015! | Daily Mail Online

Deep in the heart of the Amazonian rain forest, the indigenous women of the Ashaninka tribe gather together, nervously making final checks to their appearance before one of the most important festivals of their lives.

Dressed in finely beaded decorative outfits, each woman appears confident and proud of their tribe's historic heritage as well as their own physical appearance as they await to compete in the Ashaninka tribe's 44th annual beauty contest.  

Their flawless skin is dotted with the fine red marks of a dye, extracted from a local spice known as achiote. Accentuating their cheekbones and eyes, the dots represent a woman's happiness and stand out against their simple brown tunics, draped in colourful beads.

However it is more than just a competition of physical looks. Each woman is tested on Peruvian politics and local geography as well as having to show their ability with the bow and the cooking knife. Only the best all-round woman will walk away with the grand prize; a feather hat.

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