Moody's: Peruvian construction sector to dynamize in 2015's second half

The Peruvian construction sector will dynamize in the second half of the year due to the stimulus measures implemented by the Finance Ministry by the end of 2014, Moody's rating agency projected.

"The recovery in the construction industry will gain speed later in 2015 thanks to stimulus measures that Peru's Finance Ministry took in late 2014," Moody's Analyst Sandra Beltran stated.

"The government has made investment in Peru's infrastructure a priority as economic activity gradually accelerates in the country," Moody's pointed out.

In this sense, Peruvian Government investment has recovered more quickly than economists expected following the reduction in investment that typically occurs during regional election cycles, it stated.

Public spending in Peru in the second half of the year will help boost activity among building-material companies despite the weak economic recovery.

The construction sector's upturn depends in large part on a recovery in the mining sector, it indicated.