Peru: Agro-exports total US$1.780bn. in 2015's first five months

In the first five months of the year, agricultural exports amounted US$1.780 billion; thus it led to a growth of 0.1% if compared to the same period last year, Peru’s Agriculture Ministry announced. 

According to the Ministry, non-traditional exports remained on the 'upward trend' after expanding by 2.5% in the aforementioned period.

It went on to add the largest exports of non-traditional products were those of Cavendish Valery Bananas (up by 30%), fresh mangoes (26%), frozen mangoes (29%), fresh asparagus (21%), fresh avocados (10%), animal food (12%) and cocoa beans (12%), among others.

Non-traditional exports

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Juan Manuel Benites indicated between January and May non-traditional agricultural exports totaled US$1.691 billion, which meant an increase of 2.5% if compared to the similar period last year.

The sector accounted for 95% of the total agro-exports, he indicated.

Most demanded products were fruits and vegetables. In this sense, fresh grapes stood out leading to sales worth US$235 million. It meant an increase of 1.0%.

Other products displaying outstanding results: Fresh mangoes (US$151 million, up by 26%); fresh asparagus (US$118 million, up by 21%); fresh avocados (US$112 million, up by 10%).