Peru: Animal food exports up in the first quarter

Animal food exports amounted US$54.9 million in the first quarter of the year (January to April). 

The amount is 12% higher, if compared to the same period last year, Peru’s Exporters Association (ADEX) announced.

According to the guild the main destination was Ecuador (US$42.9 million). It accounted for 78% of the total shipments registered during the four months of 2015. Likewise, it registered a growth of 34% compared to the previous year.

Such items are exempted from the safeguards imposed by Ecuador. In this sense, exports to this market are expected to increase.

It is followed by Honduras (US$3.9 million), Nicaragua (US$2.4 million) and Colombia (US$1.1 million) among other nations, the ADEX Data Trade intelligence Commerce System announced.

The sector’s enterprises are developing better quality products. Animal food is aimed at dogs, birds, and aquaculture species. 
The sector is on the “expanding trend.” 

Main enterprises

According to the ADEX, the ranking is led by enterprise Vitrapro (owned by Alicorp). It accounts for 78% of the products sold in overseas.

Purina was placed second (16%). Currently, a total of 17 enterprises export animal food.