Peru: Ferran Adria talks about Peru and educational technology

Peru is evolving, improving and the country has already become a benchmark for gastronomy around the globe, Spanish cook Ferran Adria affirmed. 

Likewise, the renowned chef confirmed to have witness how fast Peru has been growing in recent years.
“[…] I truly see a Peru has improved,” he pointed out.

After participating in the delivery of Fundacion Telefonica-driven technological project “Aula Movil” (Mobile Classroom) to a school located in the Andahuaylillas district belonging to the Quispicanchi province (Cusco region), Adria considered excitement to be as important as passion and efforts. That is the process he has gone through in order to achieve fame, the cook said.

By addressing the “Aula Movil”  the Telefonica Foundation Ambassador indicated the “mankind’s great revolution is digital technology.”

“We are [currently] in the most important revolution in history. In 40 or 50 years from now many things will be made. When I see children use the digital media, they do it as if they were playing. This is a revolution and changes the history of mankind […],” he underlined.

Turned into a gastronomic innovator, the Spaniard has appeard on the cover of many publications, such as the New York Times Magazine, Le Monde and Time, among others.