Peru First Lady highlights Puno women work under Trabaja Peru

Peru’s First Lady Nadine Heredia Alarcon said she is proud of the work done by women living in Puno and recalled the Government has worked since the very first moment leaving diatribes and negative stuff behind and focusing on tasks in favor of the population.

“The Government is working in coordination with local authorities and the population. The working network does not end in the Central Government; we do not take decisions without letting you know. We all participate in the development process the population needs,” she added.

Evidence of this work can be found in the promotion of social and investment programs in sectors such as education; something no one has ever seen before and that previous administrations failed to do because children do not vote.

The First Lady met with women living in Acora district, part of a group of 270 participants in a temporary employment program named “Trabaja Peru” (Work Peru).

Mrs. Heredia assured Trabaja Peru has reinforced self-esteem of beneficiary women and the learning in another job.

She said it also gives them more development opportunities to their families.