Peru Foreign Min stresses agreement to share diplomatic facilities with Spain

Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Maria Sanchez highlighted the agreement that allows Peru and Spain to share diplomatic facilities in countries where there is no diplomatic representation of their country of origin, which was signed following President Humala’s official visit to Madrid, Spain.

“We have signed an agreement for the shared use of missions abroad, which will allow Peru to have presence in a series of countries, where, unfortunately, for budget reasons, we have not been able to set up an embassy yet,” she indicated.

In statements to the press regarding the results of the presidential trip to Spain, the Minister noted the high-level political commitment shown by President Ollanta Humala and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy when they inked the political joint declaration.

“Both Presidents agreed to raise the level of Peru-Spain relationship; we have a strategic partnership that has been enhanced as part of this visit,” she pointed out.

This strengthening, she added, will be made concrete in different cooperation mechanisms to be highly promoted starting now

She also said cooperation on cultural issues have been enhanced thanks to an agreement signed by the Cervantes Institute and Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This way the Peru-based Garcilaso de la Vega Cultural Center will have a venue in Madrid to disseminate Peruvian cultural values ahead of Peru’s bicentennial independence festivities.

“In addition, we have established agreements on management of treaties and files; and reaffirmed the two countries’ pledge to fight against climate change in conjunction with the Environment Minister of Spain,” she indicated.

Sanchez noted the great harmony between President Humala and Spain’s King Felipe VI and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy observed during their bilateral meetings.

“Both meetings started by highlighting the high-level of bilateral relations,” she stated.

She also noted that President Humala’s visit to the Madrid-based Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is the first ever paid by a Peruvian Head of State on an official visit. “It was quite important because all the members were present.”

As for the opinions expressed in Venezuela with regard to President Humala's concerning the situation in such country, she said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot make any comment on internal issues.