Peru, Japan push trade issues

The Ministry of Tourism and Trade of Peru has hired Carlos Mateo Paz-Soldan  to restore the  “cumulation of benefits between Peru and Colombia in the textile and apparel sector in their trade with the United States,” according to documents filed under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The contract states that Paz-Soldan will work with the National Council of Textile Organizations, National Cotton Council, American Apparel and Footwear Association, Retailers Industry Leaders Association, and the National Retailers Federation “to develop an ad hoc domestic coalition in support of discussions.”

The Embassy of Japan has hired another firm, Southwest Strategies, to “provide messaging and materials development regarding issues related to foreign trade with Japan; conduct outreach to key audiences regarding the nature and benefits of foreign trade; provide feedback regarding outreach and analyze public awareness and support regarding proposed international trade agreements.” The contract, which will last from June 10 to Aug. 31, is worth $10,000 a month.