Peru: Mining sector jobs up by 7.5% last May

Last May, Peru’s mining sector-related activities enabled to create a total of 197,476 direct jobs that led to a growth of 7.5% compared to the same month last year, the General Direction of Mining at the Energy and Mines Ministry affirmed.


According to a report presented by the portfolio, 134,811 jobs were "generated" by mining contractors and related companies in that period (123,514 jobs in 2014).


Whereas, concession-holding companies created 62,665 jobs (60,181 in 2014).




Most of the direct jobs were made possible in 4 regions:Arequipa, Apurimac, La Libertad and Junin. In Peru's Southern Arequipa 38,003 workers were hired. The number accounts for 19,24% of the total.


In second-ranked Apurimac, the mining sector enabled to create 18,916 direct jobs (9.58%). It was followed by La Libertad, where 18,828 direct jobs were created (9.53%) and the 18,462 Junin-based jobs (9.35%).


Likewise, 15,328 people were directly employed in Lima region (7.16%); 13,499 in Cajamarca (6.84%); 11,575 in Pasco (5.86%) and 11,196 in Ancash (5.67%).