Peru President highlights achievements of Peruvian Math Champion students

President Ollanta Humala decorated five students, who obtained medals in the 56th International Mathematical Olympiad held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on July 4-16.


"Currently, you have become an example, and it's important for you embrace this, so it leads you to committing deeper to education and to helping other classmates of yours, who have the talent," the President stated.


The team of students competed against more than 600 of the world’s best high-scholars. In this last edition, Peruvians managed to defeat their adversaries to win five medals, including two gold, two silver and one bronze.


On behalf of the government, Mr. Humala extended congratulations and underlined the pupils’ performances displayed at the said important tournament, which "filled Peruvians with pride" due to their undertaken efforts.


The achievement, he added, showed students in Peru, "mainly those, who attend public schools, create joy, which brings the country together."


"Many of you [students] come from inland regions, such as Junin, Abancay, Huancayo; it means we have […] talents nationwide and we request you to ‘move forward’. More tournaments are ahead, and you will always be a motive for joy in the country. You provide us more strength to continue working," the President underlined.


Likewise, he indicated the State -through the Education Ministry- paid the tickets and expenses required for the teenagers' participation in the Olympiad.


Thus, Peru was ranked 16th, above Mexico and Brazil. The result turned the country into the Best in Latin America and the first to bring two gold medals home.