Peru to head Pacific Alliance Business Council

After having assumed the Pacific Alliance’s Pro-Tempore Presidency, Peru will head the said bloc’s Business Council. 

It will lead to strengthening the Peruvian entrepreneurs’ participation and integration with their homologues from Colombia, Chile and Mexico, the General Manager of the Foreign Trade Society (Comex Peru) Eduardo Ferreyros announced.

In this sense, he underlined the Peruvian entrepreneurs’ active participation in the bloc. 

“The united entrepreneurs are the ones, who bet on this Pacific Alliance project and see an important path towards development,” Ferreyros expressed.

The said instance is “very strong, since it is composed of entrepreneurs from the four countries, which make up the Pacific Alliance [...]." 

It enables the entrepreneurial sectors from Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico to “submit their suggestions to their corresponding Presidents, so the economies are able to continue growing and investments to increase,” Ferreyros told RPP TV and radio station.

With regard to the recent presidential summit of the Pacific Alliance, held last week in Paracas (Ica region), the entrepreneur affirmed it gives Peru a “great value.”