Peru: US teachers to analyze Lima's High Performance School success case

A group of American teachers, considered the best public school docents in the US, will pay a visit to Peru this month and analyze the Peruvian Education Ministry’s experience in the implementation of the High Performance School (COAR) in Lima.


The COARs have been active for the last 5 years. 


Foreign teachers will pay a visit to the 'Colegio Mayor Secundario Presidente del Peru' in Huampaní on June 23. At the said high-school, 900 resident-students are currently given lessons.


The team, composed of 31 visitors, will take into consideration the administrative and teaching systems, as well as the development of the model that started in Lima and has been established in 13 other regions of the country.


The General Director of Specialized Educational Services at Peru's Education Ministry, Marilu Martens, will explain visitors about the history of such schools attended by the top students in the country.


She will also inform about the accomplishment and recognitions achieved by the educational centers, as well as their impact on the national education system.


During the visit, foreign teachers will share their experiences related to pedagogy. Similarly, they will meet COAR students. 


This visit is part of activities held in the framework of the United States National Education Association program.


The COAR study plan comprises 60 weekly hours; including 10 hours of academic counselling and workshops, as well as other 10 hours of English Language classes. It also entails a program to strengthen and consolidate the student’s knowledge.


In the 10th (4th in Peru) and 11th (5th in Peru) grades, pupils access the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.