Peru's economic recovery to continue during remainder of the year

The growth rate achieved by Peru last June (3.8%) confirms the economic recovery is “currently underway” and expected to continue during the remainder of the year, the Economic Studies Manager at Peru’s Central Reserve Bank Adrian Armas affirmed. 

So far this year, cumulative GDP growth has been 2.42% and a 1.92% growth was registered in the last 12-month period. 
Due to the result, GDP growth rate climbed from 1.1% (last year’s fourth quarter) to 3.0% in the second quarter of 2015, the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics revealed on Friday.

“[…] we are witnessing a primary sector recovery; an [economic] upturn is expected to continue from now on,” the BCR officer told.

In this sense, Armas noted "it is decisive" for the subnational government officials to start executing corresponding budgets. Likewise, private investment is required to pick up.