Peru's Pod Hotel Is a Little Different Than Most

We’ve seen pod hotels before, but what they have going on down in Peru is a little bit different.

From the folks over at comes word that there are now see-through pods pretty much hanging off the side of a cliff within Peru’s Sacred Valley. Using high-tech building materials, things remain eco-friendly while being able to accommodate up to eight travelers.


All in all there are three of them. Each includes a dining room, four beds, cotton sheets, a private bathroom, and even down pillows. It’s not the Four Seasons, but it certainly isn’t roughing it.

Accessing the Natura Vive Skylodge is a little difficult, as this location isn’t exactly conducive to valet parking. Thankfully something they’re calling a via ferrata has been constructed. It's a route of ladders, cables, ropes, and bridges in order to help both climbers and walkers alike access things. However, check-out is way simpler: a zipline takes guests away from their room once their stay is complete.

Crazy views and accommodations can be yours starting at around $300 per night - pricey, but they throw in breakfast, dinner, and a zipline ride as well!