President Humala: Relationship with Chile is strategic, goes beyond situational issues

The relationship with Chile is strategic and goes beyond situation-driven issues, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala assured on Friday as he discarded any disagreement with such neighboring nation concerning the Bolivian claim to sovereign access to the sea.


He said Peru has just ratified its historic position on the matter, in which the Bolivian demand for sovereign access to the sea is a bilateral issue between that country and Chile.


“I believe there is certain sensitivity to some statements in which Peru maintains a historic position, which we acknowledge is of bilateral controversy,” he told La Hora N.


He said a possible future scenario might place Peru in the position of having to give an opinion on an eventual agreement between Bolivia and Chile involving Arica, according to the Treaty signed in 1929.


“But this is not the scenario,” he underlined. 


The Peruvian leader welcomed the Bolivian demand, but does not take part on the matter, as it is a bilateral issue involving Bolivia and Chile.


“President Bachelet has understood this perfectly,” he added.