President Humala: Spain and Peru can remain as strategic partners

Spain and Peru can continue to be strategic partners to promote Spanish investments in Latin America and Peruvians in the European Union, President Ollanta Humala said after meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in Madrid.

“Reaching a strategic partnership level is a challenge because it involves sharing embassies and consulates on a reciprocal basis and the challenge for mutual recognition of professional qualifications between Spain and Peru,” he stated at the end of a bilateral meeting held at the Palace of Moncloa.

Peru recognizes, values and thanks Spain’s efforts, which resulted in the recent signing of the Multipart Trade Agreement with the European Union, as well as its support towards the Schengen visa exemption to improve bilateral trade and further facilitate the movement of people.

According to the Head of State, it is also necessary to acknowledge the significant presence of top-level Spanish companies that undertake important projects in Peru.

He explained his visit to Spain is aimed at strengthening the bilateral relationship, which is based on historical links and common values such as defense of democracy, rule of law, respect for human rights and freedom of speech.

“We can now activate mechanisms to strengthen our bilateral relationship […]. We have signed agreements on security, immigration and culture, which help diversify the bilateral relation we have,” Humala pointed out. 

Precisely, he explained that one of the most significant aspects in this relationship is education; for this reason, he recognized Spain’s efforts to reach agreements that allow Peruvians to study in Spain, thanks to the national scholarship system.

According to Mr. Humala, the fact of having dual citizenship agreements with Spain also shows its sound link with Peru.

The Head of State thanked Spain’s willingness to work together to achieve a binding agreement on the fight against climate change.

“We hope to reach a consensus position for COP21, to be held in Paris this year,” he noted.

Humala Tasso mentioned that relations with Spain are better than ever thanks to combined efforts of previous governments till date.