Restaurant review: Catalina 555

Located near the San Isidro financial district, a few blocks from the Via Expresa and Av. Javier Prado, is the newly opened Catalina 555 in La Victoria. Even though only open about six months, it made an impression on me with the food.

Chef and owner, Heine Herold, was initially headed towards a career in architecture at UPC. He began his culinary career in catering with a push from his sister and eventually his interest in cooking took over. Cooking was in his blood. Many thanks to Heine Herold for taking the time to share his passion about his restaurant and his creations.

You will not find a printed menu at Catalina 555. The menu options are all handwritten on the chalkboards located throughout the restaurant. There are approximately 25 dishes listed and plenty of variety. Occasional menu changes do occur due to seasonality of ingredients.