Restaurant will bring a taste of Peru to city - News Guardian


A new restaurant is bringing a taste of South America to the north east.

Solano’s is bringing traditional Peruvian cuisine to Newcastle and is the only Peruvian restaurant outside of London.

Joint owners Chris Levee, Alfonso Yanez and Linda Deacon have investment £100,000 in the restaurant, giving a new lease of life to the former Escobars at Amen Corner.

Chris said: “Former Newcastle United player Nolberto Solano has encouraged us to use the name Solano’s as there are strong connections with Newcastle and himself, which everyone in Newcastle can relate to.

“Nobby loves the idea of his native food being served here in Newcastle and he’s desperate for us to open the doors. No doubt he’ll be a regular!”

The restaurant will employ 16 staff, who have received specialised training prior to fully understand the unique Peruvian menu.

The menu features a range of starters, mains, seafood and desserts all with strong links to Peru, while there is a selection of cocktails for those who like something exotic with their meals.

Linda, of Linda Deacon Estates, said: “We are delighted to be opening Solano’s in Newcastle, to offer the people of the north east a unique dining experience with a South American ambience.

“The culture of the city has changed dramatically over the last ten years so we believe a touch of Peruvian cuisine will excite diners.”

Solano’s will open to the public from Saturday, June 20.

Bookings can be made by calling (0191) 232 4663 or by logging onto