Schengen Visa: Europe-Peru flights could increase 50% in 2 years says CCL - Peru this Week

The end of the Schengen visa will bring increased trade and cultural exchange between the two regions.


On June 10 of this year, Europe and Peru made history by officiallysigning the elimination of the Schengen visa. This means that Peruvians may now travel through the Schengen region on a tourist visa of up to three months once arriving (with a biometric passport).

The Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) estimates that this decision could increase the amount of flights by 50% between the two regions over the next two years, reports Perú21.

In other words, airlines will be doing well, trade will increase, bilateral relations will deepen, and business will flourish, among other outcomes.

The CCL president, Gabriela Fiorini, informed that last year 540,598 Peruvians arrived in Peru and 118,320 Peruvians to Europe.

“This amount includes both departures of Peruvians to Europe as well as Europeans to Peru. It should be noted that at present there are not as many requirements for Europeans to access Peru as there are for Peruvians to access countries in the Schengen area,” Fiorini told Perú21.