Sergio Davila: Putting Peruvian textiles on an international stage - Peru this Week

Sergio Davila, a Peruvian national, has been up and coming in the New York fashion world. After graduating from Academy of Art University in 2002 and making a name for himself in San Francisco, he made his way to New York City.

By 2004 he opened his first high-end menswear store in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan. Since then, Davila’s work has graced three Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Weeks. By making a name for himself, he has also become Fashion Ambassador for the brand Peru by promoting the use of Peruvian textiles around the world. Splitting his time between New York and Lima, Sergio says he finds inspiration from both cities and almost everywhere in between!

Recently, the Embassy of Peru in Washington, DC held the event, Textile Diplomacy: Celebrating Peruvian Fashion Design & Educational Exchange, where I was able to catch up with the designer and ask him just how he got into the fashion world.