Spanish investors highlight stability, security, predictability of Peru economy

The President of the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Cepyme), Antonio Garamendi, highlighted the Peruvian economy’s stability, security and predictability, which attracts more investment from Spain.


There has been an increase in the setting up of Spanish small and medium-sized enterprises in Peru, which totals over 300 companies, many of them are Hispanic-Peruvian and Peruvian–Spanish.


“This positive phenomenon is due, among other factors, to the perception of stability, security and predictability that Peru irradiates abroad as a result of a stable macro-economic policy,” he underlined.


He also noted the economic reforms Peru has adopted to liberalize and modern the business sector in order to incorporate it into regional and global value chains.


He believes it is necessary that governments of Peru and Spain conclude the negotiation as soon as possible to avoid double taxation, as it is considered a key element to expand and consolidate Spanish investments in Peruvian territory.


He also highlighted President Humala’s visit to Spain and his meeting with Iberian businessmen, because it offers the opportunity to continue forging economic relations that stand out for their dynamism and importance, by illustrated by trade and investment figures.


Spain is Peru's leading client among the EU member states with a volume greater than €4.9 billion and the second largest exporter to Peru with a volume close to €6.3 million.