U.S. President Obama motivated to travel to Peru

U.S. President Barack Obama is motivated by the idea of travelling to Peru before his presidential term comes to an end in 2016, U.S. Ambassador to Peru Brian A. Nichols affirmed. 
“I am very sure President Obama is highly motivated,” he told Andina news agency.

According to Mr. Nichols, the visit could be conducted in the framework of the Asia Pacific Economic Forum (APEC). The date is to be officially set.

“Peru will be the venue of the APEC summit, traditionally attended by Presidents of the United States, but the participation is yet to be specified,” he told.

Last June, Peruvian Ambassador to the U.S. Luis Miguel Castilla said the U.S. President has planned to attend next year’s summit.

Although Castilla indicated the formal announcements by the White House and the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are yet to be made, the U.S. Head of State had “unofficially announced his intention to visit Peru before his term comes to an end.”