Lima: One of the best food capitals in the world

Bloomberg’s article titled Why Lima Is the World’s Best Food by Numbers City, remarks on the growing popularity of Peruvian food and presents Peru’s best restaurants. George Auguste Escoffier, world renown chef, once ranked Peru as the third best cuisine in the world, French food being first, followed by Chinese.

It seems like Peru could eventually jump to the top.

The capital of Peru is a haven for gastronomic lovers. Lima is one of the few capital cities that has three restaurants listed in the World’s 50 best restaurants*. Other cities in the ranking with three restaurants are London, New York and Mexico but the best restaurant in the world is *Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy.

The top Peruvian restaurant in the ranking is Central, in fourth place. Central is located in Miraflores and is run by Virgilio Martínez Véliz. This restaurant is special because of the origin of its ingredients. The restaurant includes dishes with ingredients produced from below sea level up to the top of the Andes and back down the other side of the mountain to the Amazon. Each plate offers you a culinary journey through Peru’s ecosystems.

Japanese restaurant Maido ranked 13 in the world and is owned by Mitsuharu Tsumura, a Peruvian-Japanese chef who displays the fusion of both cultures in his dishes and specializes in nikkei cuisine. Restaurant Astrid and Gastón is placed in the 30th position and is owned by Gastón Acurio. The restaurant is a mansion located in San Isidro and focuses on the country’s long history and introduces in its dishes a mixture of different cultures.

Each restaurant has its own special touch of charm that reflects Peruvian culture and that is what has called the world’s attention.

Have you been to any of the top ranked restaurants in Peru?