Peruvian chefs star in new web series

Peruvian chefs Mitsuharu TsumuraVirgilio Martinez and Gaston Acurio will be part of a food video series called “Off the Table”, a broadcast that will display Peruvian foods as well as the fusion of cultures, ingredients, and techniques.

Instead of competing, these three chefs are working to build a strong image of Peru as a global gastronomic destination.

“Off the Table” consists of three short videos of five minutes each where the three chefs share their personal experiences with the Peruvian cuisine, explain the Peruvian food culture and traditions.

The video series will be released by the Youtube channel, New Worlder. The video series premier is today, March 2 and features the chef Mitsuharu Tsumura. The famed chef and owner of Maido will take viewers on an expedition through the country’s coast to expose the fishermen hard at work.

The second broadcast is on April 6, with Michelin-starred restaurateur Virgilio Martinez revealing the secrets of the traditional Pachamanca.

Finally, on May 4, Gastón Acurio closes the series by sharing his experience at Pachacutec Foundation, a study centre that promotes education, health and business development.

Are you going to watch the show? Check out the trailer: