Peruvian State receives OECD integrity report

Peru's Prime Minister Fernando Zavala and High-Level Anti-Corruption Commission (CAN) President Pablo Sanchez received the study "Integrity Review of Peru – Enhancing Public Sector Integrity for Inclusive Growth," prepared by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The report provides a set of recommendations to strengthen and consolidate the country's public sector through a coherent integrity system in the Andean nation.

This includes the analysis of policies and practices related to political finance, the promotion of public ethics and the management of conflict of interests, lobbying, whistleblower protection, internal control and risk management, as well as the disciplinary regime and the role of the criminal justice system in containing corruption.

Julio Bacio, Deputy Head of Public Sector Integrity at OECD, presented the Peruvian officials with the document during the 2017 Peru – OECD Integrity Forum, organized by CAN.

"Promoting a solid governance system that mitigates corruption risks while providing a stable environment is fundamental, since Peru's governance levels are below the average of OECD members," Bacio affirmed.

"Thus, we need sweeping structural reforms to guarantee the maintaining of progress," he added. 

On the other hand, CAN President Sanchez underlined the report constitutes "valuable input to develop the new implementation strategy for the National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Fight Policy, approved during the last CAN session."

Lastly, the Cabinet Chief noted OECD reports "give us an insight into what the situation is, where we are and what the best practices are."

"It [the document] is particularly relevant in light of the challenging corruption cases we've been facing in recent months, which affect us as a country and as citizens," Zavala pointed out.