UN recognizes Peru Gov't human rights policies

The United Nations recognized efforts made by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's administration in terms of human rights by including gender identity and sexual orientation in the country's legislation.

In a document addressed to the Head of State, the UN emphasizes prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation is fundamental to building a fairer and more inclusive society. 

"This regulatory modification promoted by the Executive Branch is closely connected to the main human rights international standards and, above all, complies with recommendations of the main UN human rights mechanisms [...]," the document reads.

The UN also praises the Peruvian State for incorporating international standards in the National Curriculum for Basic Education. 

In this context, the intergovernmental organization expresses its concern over the constant misinformation of certain sectors about the Curriculum's scope and objectives. 

"The United Nations system deems the Curriculum a significant step towards an education process that seeks concrete results for all students in the country," it continues.

Finally, it encourages President Kuczynski to further pursue measures like the implementation of the National Curriculum, the design of an inclusive National Plan on Human Rights, as well as the fight against gender-based violence.

The document was signed by UN Resident Coordinator in Peru Maria del Carmen Sacasa.